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11 May 2010 @ 04:37 pm
think i'm ghetto? stop dreaming  
06/04/2010 - joined slimming world
13/04/2010 - lost 7lbs
20/04/2010 - lost 3lbs
27/04/2010 - gained 3lbs (had a total blip when i didn't get accepted to college. i had a chinese and drank myself stupid)
04/05/2010 - lost 7lbs

= 14lbs/a stone in 4 weeks! i can't actually believe it, i'm so happy with my progress. last time i joined slimming world i didn't lose a stone for 13 weeks! it was hell. it just seems a lot easier now?

the new job is ok, people at tesco's are a bit bossy but it's ok because i don't work for tesco's, i work for oakwood so people said i don't actually have to take shit from tesco employees :)

yesterday i won a competetition to see one night only! SO excited for that. i received an email from the band (i signed up for the newsletter) and it says that they have been on an album shoot and if you can guess the location correctly then you get free tickets to come to a private rehersal on the 25th of may in york! AND I WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO GET IT RIGHT! - well, john's dad was.. everyone was helping me, it was really good! i did offer a ticket to john's dad but he said he was fine hahaha - john's coming instead :):):) i never win anything in my life so i'm actually rather excited :D!

john's putting some money away so we can save to buy myself a proper camera - bless him! he's helping me so much and i can't thank him enough. i miss him at the moment and it's only been 4 hours, oh noes.


anyone know where i can make new livejournal friends? :( i'm trying really hard to keep active with this!
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Melaniecha_mel_eon on May 11th, 2010 05:23 pm (UTC)
For new friends.. blackcigarette, off_highstreet, ladiesloos communities?
(Deleted comment)
cheaparcade on May 11th, 2010 08:14 pm (UTC)
what's off_wut? hahah!!